Mining script

LA Times website injected with Monero cryptocurrency mining script

The cryptojacking attack appears to have lingered for weeks before being addressed, as it was configured not to maximize CPU usage. The hackers injected it through an unsecured AWS S3 bucket. Build a slideshow, a pitch or a presentation? Here are the big takeaways: An insecure AWS S3 bucket allowed attackers to inject a Monero […]

Mining script

Thousands of government and organization websites found serving crypto mining script

As of Sunday, more than 4,200 websites around the world began hijacking visitors’ browsers to mine Monero cryptocurrency. The attack The issue was first noticed and partially documented by security researcher Scott Helme: Ummm, so yeah, that’s * bad *. i just had @phat_hobbit underline that @ICOnews has a cryptominer installed on their site… 😮 […]

Mining crypto

Russian scientists discovered crypto mining at a NUCLEAR facility

The whole “can it mine” joke outlasted the “can it run Crysis” thing from 50 years ago now, but then news broke that scientists working at a research facility on Russian nukes had been stopped, because they were mining cryptocurrency on the site. Both Interfax and the BBC report that unnamed scientists have been arrested […]