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Kids Generate $30,000 Monthly Income Mining Crypto

Recently, two kids gave an interview explaining how they generate $30,000 monthly income in crypto mining. Yes, you heard right $30,000 per month. The children are only 9 and 14 and are brother and sister. The 9-year-old’s name is Aanya Thakur and the 14-year-old’s name is Ishaan Thakur. The two started together mining digital currencies […]

Mining crypto

Mozilla W3C Representative Condemns Cryptocurrency Mining

Key points to remember Mozilla web standards manager Tantek Çelik said proof of work should have no place in web standards. He cited high power consumption and lack of durability as the main issue behind the technology. His comments were about decentralized identity platforms (DIDs), not bitcoin transactions in general. Share this article Mozilla web […]

Mining crypto

Government employee accused of mining crypto at public expense

A computer operations supervisor at the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office in New York City, Christopher Naples allegedly exploited his position to place crypto mining equipment at various locations at the Riverhead Center in New York County where he worked. Naples has reportedly installed 46 devices for crypto mining, “in places like an unused wall-mounted electrical […]

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Project Loot returns script to NFTs – TechCrunch

Editor’s note: Kyle Russell is the founder of Playbyte, a startup that creates an app that lets users create games on their phone. Last Friday, Dom Hofmann tweeted the launch of Loot, one of his new projects focusing on games and game creation through the lens of NFTs: If “NFT”, “gas”, and “strike” sound unintelligible, […]