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Barbie Movie Star Praises Script As The Best She’s Ever Read

Barbie movie star Emma Mackey praises Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s script for the film as one of the best she’s ever read.

Barbie Star Emma Mackey considers the film’s script the best she’s ever read. Plans for a movie based on the classic Mattel line of Barbie dolls began cooking at Universal as early as 2009. Over the years, Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were reportedly attached to the project to star as the titular Barbie.

But it wasn’t until 2019 and a move to Warner Bros. that things have really firmed up regarding Barbiethe future. In July of that year, Margot Robbie reportedly jumped on board as Barbie. Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach have also been confirmed as screenwriters. Then in 2021, it was confirmed that Oscar-nominated Gerwig would take the helm as the film’s director. Another major piece of Barbie The puzzle was added in early 2022 when Ryan Gosling was confirmed to play Ken.


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And of course, more cast members have been announced since main stars Robbie and Gosling were confirmed. This includes Sex education star Mackey, who plays an undisclosed role in the Barbie film. Speaking recently to Total movie (Going through GamesRadar), Mackey had the opportunity to discuss the Barbie screenplay and spoke of Gerwig and Baumbach’s work in glowing terms. “It’s quite special“, she said, adding”It’s one of the best scripts we’ve all read.

Of course, we should not be surprised to hear the work of Gerwig and Baumbach on the Barbie scenario praised by one of the film’s actors. After all, Gerwig was twice nominated for an Oscar for writing: in 2018 for lady bird and in 2020 for his adaptation of Little woman. And Baumbach himself is no stranger to Oscar nominations for writing, having landed a nod in 2006 for The squid and the whale and another in 2020 for Marriage story.

It would indeed be crazy if Gerwig and Baumbach each landed their third career Oscar nominations for co-writing the screenplay for a movie based on a doll line. But if Mackey is to be believed, the work of the two writers on Barbie is good enough to perhaps deserve such high consideration. The details are of course frightening as to the specifics of Barbie‘s, but the story has been confirmed to involve multiple Barbies and Kens, an indication that the film is anything but a conventional job of extracting valuable intellectual property for the sake of fun on-screen content. . The mere fact that Robbie and Gosling are involved of course also elevates the film above standard entertainment fare. The public will be able to find out if Mackey is correct in his assessment of Barbie‘s virtues when the film finally hits screens.

Source: Total Movie (via GamesRadar)

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