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Barry Bannan clarifies ‘crazy’ Sheffield Wednesday wage speculation – reveals Championship and Premier League interest

The Owls midfielder has been a key figure at the club for many years now, becoming a fan favorite and cementing his place as a modern Wednesday legend along the way.

One of the main reasons for his status at Hillsborough is his decision to stay after relegation to League One, but he says he never intended to leave.

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The striker will miss Sheffield Wednesday against Cheltenham Town and more after a huge injury…

Speaking to Alan Biggs on Sheffield Live, the Scot explained: “There have been clubs higher than Sheffield Wednesday… When we were relegated I was lucky enough to come back to the Championship, and there was a team that has just been promoted to the Premier League. where I had the chance to go.

“It was nothing concrete, but if I wanted to force him, it could have happened. It was there if I wanted to push him, but I was adamant that I didn’t want to leave.

“My agents were probably watching me say, ‘What are you doing? “”

So he stayed, and he says he wanted to address some of the rumors going around about how high his salary was, insisting that’s “far from” what some people have been saying.

“A lot of people talk about money,” he told Biggs. “So I can answer that while we’re here…I’ll just clear that up.”

“When we got relegated my money went down to half what it was. A lot of people think mine never went down, but I signed a contract in January knowing there was had a chance we would fall and my money would halve, but I’m not in the game for the money.

“Obviously the money is an added bonus, but I’m in the game because I loved playing here and I love playing in front of big crowds.

Barry Bannan says his salary was halved when Sheffield Wednesday were relegated.

“But yes – my salary has been halved. I could have had more if I left for the Championship or the Premier League.

“These were clubs that a lot of players would probably have gone to, but people are in football for different reasons, and I’m there for the love of playing week after week.”

He added: “Especially in Ligue 1, the numbers that were going around about me were really crazy – I don’t know how some people would believe I would be on that in Ligue 1. It just doesn’t make sense…

“I just wanted to clear that up, because a lot of people have talked about it and I never got a chance to talk about it. I can say that it is far from the figure that people think I am.

“Don’t get me wrong, that’s probably still a good, good salary for this league, but at the end of the day, we’re one of the best teams in this league and we’re going to have some well-paid people. But that’s far from the figure that people make.

The Owls skipper has already shown his quality many times this season and hopes to reactivate it this weekend when they visit Cheltenham Town in S6.