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Brie Larson Praises Marvels Storyline as Bonkers

Brie Larson rents Wonders Script in a recent interview with Uproxx. Larson says almost nothing about the plot Wonders. She can’t, and yet they have to ask, but yeah, we don’t get much. However, Larson explains how much she loved the script when she first read it and how much she enjoyed working with director Nia DaCosta.

“I can’t say enough how amazing our director Nia DaCosta is and what an honor it was to work with her, what an immense talent she is, how I feel like she is the future And I could also say, when I first read the script, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was like, this is crazy. And that’s what I loves about Marvel is that they keep reinventing themselves. They keep doing what you never thought possible in those movies. And they’re not afraid to go for it. So I’m super excited about what we’ve done. I think there’s some huge personal accomplishments that I’m really looking forward to sharing, but you know, it’s fun to have a little secret. And it’s fun to know that , when this movie comes out, people are going to be thrilled. And I can keep that to myself for a bit longer.

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Bonkers would be a pretty good description for most MCU movies to be fair. Yet I hope Wonders is kinda bonkers and “out there” because I think that’s what Carol Danvers needs to really cement her character. I was not a big fan of Captain Marvel at all, but I like what I saw of Carol inside Avengers: Endgame. I guess I hope the majority of the movie takes place in the cosmos. There, with plenty of space and little collateral damage, is exactly where I want to see Carol operate. I think we can really get a sense of Carol’s power and role in the wider galaxy.

Does this also fit with the inclusion of Photon (Monica) and Ms. Marvel, I’m not sure? I certainly never imagined Kamala Khan going off to fight alien wars at such a young age, but I guess Peter Parker did?

What do you think of her comments as Brie Larson praises Wonders script like bonkers? Sound below as always.

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