Mining script

‘Bully’ Barry Hall flips Sonny Bill Williams script ahead of March 23 fight

Barry Hall flipped the script on Sonny Bill Williams and his “bully” claims while landing a nifty jab at his “chatterbox” abilities.

The AFL champion had a busy Thursday, training with UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski in Windang before throwing more punches and facing the media at a Sydney gymnasium.

A lean, nasty Hall was asked to respond to SBW’s “bullying” accusations ahead of their highly anticipated March 23 fight – and didn’t miss out.

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“It’s good, I also heard he’s not a talker and after those comments, I agree with him,” Hall said.

“He’s a respectful guy and all that sort of stuff, but I’m here to get him out of there.

“He says I’m just doing it for publicity and to get back into the limelight – I absolutely am, I’m going to use it for that. So thank you very much.”

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Barry Hall before the fight with Sonny Bill Williams. Photo: Flavio Brancaleone (Sydney Morning Herald)

Hall, 45, is nine years older than Williams and has only one pro fight under his belt, compared to eight for SBW.

But he is confident he has done the job to go the full eight rounds if necessary and is adamant he is the superior boxer.

“He’s got a good shot, absolutely,” Hall said.

Barry Hall and Alexander Volkanovski train near Wollongong. (Nine)

“It’s very fluid, the punch you use that doesn’t take as much energy over a long period of time, long rounds, that’s the jab. But I also have an OK jab.

“We’ll see overnight if his best asset is as good as mine…it’s a totally different turnaround from my first fight (a draw against Paul Gallen) where I was just looking to survive the rounds, now we’re actually pushing the pace and controlling which is important to get in…I think I’m a much better fighter..

“As far as the fight goes, the way things went, the feedback I got, I’m a much better fighter than I was.”

SBW, Hall gauges himself

With only one fight on his resume, the Williams camp doesn’t have a lot of Hall streak to analyze when coming up with his fight plan.

“It’s a plus because I’ve worked on a few things and developed my game, but he’s got a world-class coach (Andy Lee) in his corner and I’m sure after a round or two they’ll find some holes and will work some stuff out.

“That’s what the coaches do and vice versa, I have world class coaches myself. That’s the game, they’re there to tell us what to do and they’re going to have to wait a round or two for work IT out.”

Barry Hall poses during a Turf War media opportunity. (Getty)

Hall wasn’t looking past next Wednesday to plan for his boxing future.

“It’s all results-based for me. If you give up on this fight, where does that take you?

“You don’t have a lot of change. So I know it’s very result-based. We think there are fights after that, but it’s a really taxing sport not just for me but for my family. That’s a conversation we’ll have but I’m not going to watch after Wednesday night.”

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