Mining crypto

Canadian electric vehicle maker Daymak reveals prototype car capable of mining crypto

Toronto-based Daymak Inc has announced details of a prototype electric vehicle named Spiritus. It will use the “patent-pending Nebula platform”, described as the world’s first complete crypto suite for electric cars.

“Nebula is the world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency suite for electric vehicles and will allow every Spiritus car to mine and manage crypto anywhere on the planet.”

Daymak is a relatively unknown brand of electric vehicles. The company’s product line focuses on personal lightweight electric vehicles, including mobility scooters.

Nevertheless, by being the first to offer an income-generating car, Daymak hopes to gain international recognition.

Daymak president is a crypto fan

The Spiritus is a fully electric three-wheel, two-seater vehicle that offers a kart-like driving experience.

Daymak says the Spiritus will launch in 2023, but their website is now accepting pre-orders at “early adopter” prices. A glance at the payment page shows that buyers can even pay in crypto.

The company lists two models, the Deluxe model costing US $ 19,995 and the Ultimate model costing US $ 149,000. The Ultimate model has a 0-60 time of 1.8 seconds, which is enough to embarrass a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and a range of 300 miles.

Unfortunately, the Spiritus’ range is less than that of Tesla’s Model S Long Range, which is said to be capable of a range of 400 miles.


“The Spirit is sleek, quiet, highly efficient and is available in standard and fully equipped luxury models, which includes optional autopilot, solar charging and wifi connectivity, plus much more.

Both models will integrate cryptocurrency through proprietary Nebula technology. This allows owners to mine proof of work crypto tokens and generate income from proof of stake networks. A built-in wallet will store the coins.

Daymak President Aldo Baiocchi imagines a scenario where the Spiritus talks to its owner saying, “I just deposited some money and Dogecoin in your wallet.

“Through what we are building, imagine Spiritus owners greeted by their cars saying, ‘I just deposited $ 10 cash and 20 doge coins into your Nebula wallet – have a nice day!

Baiocchi also brings up the fact that while cars cost money to drive and typically lose money due to depreciation, the Spiritus has the potential to pay for itself.

While all other cars depreciate in the garage, Spiritus owners will have a vehicle that has the potential to pay for itself while parked.

How much can Spiritus generate?

Profitable mining of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies depends on the hash efficiency of the mining rig and the cost of the electricity used.

This is an ultra-competitive industry where making a profit can be difficult, especially in the case of ASIC networks such as Bitcoin. With that in mind, how much money can a Spiritus car generate?

Daymak set up a 24-hour live feed of the prototype crypto mining results to answer the question.

As of this writing, the live running total has been reduced, but at last glance it showed around $ 14 generated since it went live on June 29th.