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Digitalatto Ltd UK launches its crypto “DGTL” on the market. Digitalatto launches DGTL coin in the crypto industry.

Summary: Digitalatto Ltd introduced its cryptocurrency, DGTL, on all major decentralized exchanges in the latest expansion.

London, United Kingdom – In a recent development, UK-originated Digitalatto Ltd crypto platform has been listed on major decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, Dgtldex, DEXTools, Sushi, BurgerSwap, etc. among other top decentralized exchanges and has found countless traders and buyers.

The DGTL Hyper Deflationary Coin has been developed with advanced features that maximize the benefits for holders. One of the best features for DGTL holders is the rewards program. DGTL holders can multiply their trading revenue from the time they hold DGTL through the Holder Rewards and Staking Program. Holder rewards redistribute 2.5% of each DGTL transaction to its holders as BUSD coins. BUSD is a pegged version of the USD giving DGTL holders the added benefit of owning both coins. The more holders hold, the more they get.

To control inflation and price manipulation, the DGTL lists buy-back, anti-dumping and anti-whale devices. The buyback function controls inflation by reducing supply and increasing demand and the value of DGTL. During any transaction, part of the coins are burned, which decreases the number of available tokens and increases the demand for DGTL. The anti-dumping feature prevents investors from falling prey to pump and dump schemes. An additional working mechanism called anti-whale monitors the activities of major DGTL investors to prevent manipulation.

DGTL has also made shopping easy, beneficial and accessible from major global retailers. DGTL has an additional feature that allows holders to make online and offline purchases using their digital assets. Global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Flipkart will soon accept payments in DGTL, making online shopping fun and easy. DGTL’s Crypto Cards will instantly convert crypto to cash for offline purchases or other needs. The card will also include world-class blockchain features, making it more accessible and secure. DGTL also includes a customer loyalty program benefiting both merchants and customers. It will have no boundaries and scales on a 1:1 expense-earnings ratio.

Now listed at US$0.02 on exchanges, DGTL’s price projection is US$1 within a month and US$100 by 2025. This escalation is possible thanks to several other unique projects deployed under Digitalatto such as custom blockchain solutions available for individuals and businesses requiring DApp for KYC and authentication certifications (Digitalattodoc).

Additionally, Digitalatto has a decentralized exchange and e-wallet (DGTLWALLET) whose key features include cross-chain support with built-in atomic exchanges, crypto transaction charging, and support for external wallets. . Digitalatto also introduced its learning management system or knowledge exchange platform (Digitalatto Academy) to help people earn money while learning and news portal ( to inform Internet users of the progress of each project under Digitalatto, as well as current market news.

Although these projects have been launched and have more than 6000 customers, a few more innovations are in development and ready to be deployed. These include the NFT Marketplace, Browser Crawl, and Chrome Extension.

Following listing on global stock exchanges, DGTL is poised to steadily increase its value by implementing organic and inorganic traders and buyers, POB, strategies and maintaining liquidity reserve in every trade.

“We have hit the exchanges and intend to grow 2-3x in the next few days. This is a great opportunity to buy and hold DGTL in these early days of trading. In addition to decentralized exchanges, soon centralized exchanges will list DGTL”, quotes MP Shanavas, co-founder and CEO of Digitalatto, while introducing DGTL to the world of crypto through exchanges. Following listing on all decentralized exchanges, DGTL will soon be listed on centralized exchanges like Binance,, Coinbase, Hotbit, Bitmart, Bitgate, KuCoin, etc.

About Digitalatto LTD
Digitalatto Ltd, UK is a company that focuses on developing blockchain-based projects such as Certificate Apps, DApps, Decentralized Exchange & Wallet, E-Learning Platform, NFT Marketplace, crypto maps and browser mining.

Since its incorporation in 2019, DGTL has developed these advanced solutions to make cryptocurrency accessible for everyday use like shopping, customer loyalty programs, and impacting global e-commerce.

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Deputy Shanavas
(Founder & CEO)