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Dogecoin Developers Launch New Platform to Wage DOGE FUD War

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Meme coin developers want to tackle FUD.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to experience Widespread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)Dogecoin developers have launched a new solution that will tackle the growing threat surrounding DOGE.

Timothy Stebbing, the director of the Dogecoin Foundation, announced the development on Twitter, saying:

“Hey dogecoin, there is a new weapon in the dogecoin FUD war; we call it the Dogepedia!

Dogepedia – Dogecoin Wikipedia

Dogepedia can be considered the Wikipedia of Dogecoin. The platform contains frequently asked questions (FAQs), answers, guides, and other relevant information related to the Dogecoin ecosystem.

Members of the Dogecoin community are referred to articles on the website for help with certain issues. Some of the articles already published on “Dogepedia” include steps to mine DOGE, setting up a Dogecoin wallet, buying the meme-based cryptocurrency, and running nodes on the blockchain.

Dogecoin developers are already tackling FUD

The developers have already published articles dedicated to combating the FUD surrounding Dogecoin, especially in the aspect that DOGE has no use for.

The developers of Dogecoin have responded to this review in the “FAQ & FUD” section.

“The simple fact is that money has a use – and Dogecoin is silver! Indeed, Dogecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been used for this primary purpose since day one,” the developers said.

The DOGE community can help

Along with the articles already hosted on the platform, community members are also allowed to post their Dogecoin articles and interact with prominent DOGE personalities.

“You can contribute articles to Dogepedia!” chat with @inevitable360 @mishaboar and many more. We know it’s not perfect (yet!), but we hope it’s a resource the whole community can BUILD and use. Good luck there shibies,” Stebbing added.

Dogecoin Adoption Soars Despite FUDs

Dogecoin has been one of many cryptocurrencies plagued by FUD over the years. Many critics have said that the coin lacks utility and will always remain a cryptocurrency thrown around as a joke.

The token’s uncapped supply also gave critics another angle to dwell on. However, these criticisms have not deterred the cryptocurrency from being backed by prominent industry players, including Tesla’s Elon Musk, Robinhood’s Vladimir Tenev, and Dallas Mavericks CEO Mark Cuban.

Musk and Cuban added DOGE as payment method to be used to buy different goods.

Tenev is convinced that Dogecoin could eventually become the currency of the internet. He shared a guide earlier this year that would help the cryptocurrency achieve the feat.

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