Mining crypto

Government employee accused of mining crypto at public expense

A computer operations supervisor at the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office in New York City, Christopher Naples allegedly exploited his position to place crypto mining equipment at various locations at the Riverhead Center in New York County where he worked.

Naples has reportedly installed 46 devices for crypto mining, “in places like an unused wall-mounted electrical panel or under floorboards,” according to a statement on AP News on Wednesday.

Cryptocurrency mining can be an expensive endeavor, sometimes requiring specific equipment for the task as well as increasing electrical costs wherever mining devices are installed. Mining equipment can also give off noticeable amounts of heat, which adds to the equation.

According to a quote in the statement from Timothy Sini, Suffolk County District Attorney: “Cryptocurrency mining requires a huge amount of resources, and miners have to figure out how to cover all of these electricity and cooling costs. Sini added that Naples “found a way to do it; unfortunately, it was on the backs of taxpayers.

The worker’s efforts have reportedly racked up $ 6,000 or more in electricity costs weighing on Suffolk County, the statement said.

Naples faces a number of lawsuits, such as robbery, and could receive a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Courts have freed Naples without requiring bail pending prosecution.

During a press conference on Wednesday, as reported in a Newsday article, Sini said:

“We will not tolerate county employees, who are already on the public payroll, to steal taxpayer money and illegally use government resources for their own personal gain.”