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Hacking group is secretly mining crypto on Android-based smart TVs

A black hat hacking group that runs crypto-mining botnets, Outlaw, has resurfaced after months of silence, according to to the computer security company Trend Micro. The hacking group, which Trend Micro first discovered in 2018, has updated its botnet, which can now infect Android-based smart TVs and force them to secretly mine cryptocurrency.

Botnet mines for privacy cryptocurrencyMonero.

Previous versions of the botnet Chinese users targeted, but that was just a testing ground, Trend Micro said. Now it targets automotive and financial companies based in the United States and Europe, especially companies that have not upgraded their security systems, according to the security firm’s report released yesterday. Another of its goals is to steal and then resell sensitive information to businesses.

Additionally, Outlaw’s improved botnet increases profits “by killing both the competition and their own previous miners,” Trend Micro said in its report. Previous versions of the botnet attempted to divert profits from competing miners. “We also found traces of Android Package Kits- (APK-) and Android Debug Bridge (ADB)-based commands that enable cryptocurrency mining activities in Android-based TVs,” the researchers said.

The resurgence of Outlaw among miners suggests that cryptojacking — where hackers use someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency — is on the rise. However, reports from Check Point Security in August found that, although cryptojacking is still a major threat, it is on the decline. In the first half of 2018, 42% of organizations worldwide had been infected by crypto miners. For the same period in 2019, the figure fell to just 26%.

Troy Mursch, director of research at Bad Packets, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in tracking cryptojacking threats, said Decrypt in August, cryptojacking lost popularity due to the fall in the price of crypto: it is “no longer a profitable method of income for cybercriminals because the price of cryptocurrency has not returned to low levels. record highs,” he said.

But the crypto market might be on the rise – Bitcoin just hit $10,000. Is cryptojacking making a comeback?

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