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You can slander your loans and complain about it, yet 9 out of 10 people are willing to take a few million sooner or later.

We may think that this is the bad thing we need for our big dream, our own apartment. Let’s try to minimize this necessary evil! Therefore, here are some basic rules that can be understood as some kind of painkiller.

The less the better

Of course, it is easy to say, in this case to write. But let’s face it, we’re usually committed to borrowing for 20-25 years . 1-2 years doesn’t matter that much, and in most cases we can save 1-2 million forints plus interest.

Of course, if we get a low-interest promotional loan offer or find the real estate of our dreams, then there is nothing to do, we need to take immediate action.

Not the first option will be the best

As we have written above, we are committed to the long term, so it is worthwhile to make a thorough comparison between each loan.

Many fall into the trap of choosing a loan based only on their monthly installments. All that matters is that saving a few thousand forints a month at the beginning does not mean that our credit will be cheaper all the time. Based on several components, after several calculations, we will find the solution for us.

Keep in mind that you have to calculate a number of costs , say when buying a home. Signing fee, notary fee, ownership certificate… just a couple of the expenses involved. Before you embark on a great adventure, make sure you pay attention to them, and you will not get any unpleasant surprises.

Credit is good if we make the right choice

Reading through it, we can conclude that if we adhere to these three basic rules, we are unlikely to expand the pool of people who are complaining about loans. Rather, we will be among the conscious people who are excited about the opportunity and the new home.

It is much better to run the project in such a mood than to be dissatisfied and in a bad mood. It can only be better if you use the credit.com calculator , because then we can help you through the difficult first steps, through the complicated borrowing process to receiving the key.

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