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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) filed an administrative consent warrant for fertilization violations with S&V LLC on Thursday, July 8th.

On January 8, the DNR received complaints that S&V fertilizer was being applied to snow near homes in Marble Rock. An investigation by DNR on the same day found that S&V had applied fertilizer just 100 meters from a house across the street.

In a further examination, the DNR was also informed that Bill Vorhes, the operator of S&V, was not certified for the application of fertilizer and that S&V had no more certified fertilizer applicants as of December 31, 2018.

In 2016 it was also found that S&V does not comply with the DNR because it does not have a certified fertilizer spreader.

Shortly after the DNR inspection on January 27, Vorhes received his slurry application certificate.

As a result, the DNR and S&V have issued an official approval order to ensure that S&V complies with the distance restrictions when fertilizing and that fertilizer will only be applied to land by a certified fertilizer applicant in the future.

Vorhes was also fined $ 4,500 for the incident, $ 500 for unfair economic gain, $ 1,500 for the effects of the violations, and $ 2,500 for knowingly breaking the rules for the certification of fertilizers.

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