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Lara Stone got married.

The 37-year-old model married David Grievson, whom she met on the dating app Tinder in 2018, in a private ceremony over the weekend.

Lara shared some photos of the couple on Instagram at Hungerford Town Hall in Berkshire, where their wedding apparently was taking place, and also enjoyed their first dance.

She gave the article a title: “I have to marry my love this weekend”.

The Dutch beauty wore a white lace dress with a V-neckline, flowing sleeves and a slit on the leg, while her new husband kept it casual in an open collar shirt with no tie.

Lara, who got engaged in February 2020, was previously married to David Walliams and has admitted in the past that their 2015 divorce was “terrible” but she is proud of the way she and the “Britain’s.” Got Talent judges work together to raise their eight-year-old son, Alfred.

She said, “Sometimes really different people work together – but maybe not forever. It’s horrible to get divorced. When I first left Alfred with David, he was really affectionate. It’s been five years now and luckily our son was still very young I don’t really notice anything. Only now does he know that we used to be married. He’s the happiest child – very happy to be at home with me and really happy to be at home with his father, what more could you want?

“It was ok. Both of us have always cared about Alfred’s welfare. It’s pretty complicated custody because it’s almost 50/50. “

Lara also revealed that she found the fame that came from being in a relationship with David pretty terrifying.

About the early days of their relationship, she said, “I was at his house and walking back to the subway and this car was driving next to me and they were taking pictures all the time. It was just so confusing and terrible. “

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