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Although we usually write about buying a home and the related subsidies and savings, this is not the only thing we do. There are many other bank loan schemes currently available on the Hungarian market that deserve a little more in-depth consideration. One of these is the personal payday loan, and we are going to show you a little more about it now.

Who can get a personal payday loan?

Before many people rejoice, this is not a loan that anyone can get. Just as with a home loan, it is important not to be on the KHR list. Many still call it a bar list. Let’s say the same thing is that if you are on it, you are not creditworthy and the banks will not give you credit. No personal payday loan.

How much money can we get?

The first criterion is whether we can get credit. We discussed this earlier. In addition, it is solely our income that determines the maximum personal payday loan we can take. If you want to know exactly how big a personal payday loan you can borrow, then use the personal payday loan calculator! And here we take the opportunity to say: There may be significant differences between personal payday loans. So don’t say yes to the first upcoming offer!

What is cover?

In fact, we do not give the bank any cover here . That’s why many people buy a car on a personal payday loan. A car loan is used to cover the car, but not a personal payday loan.

This is precisely the reason why a personal payday loan has a higher interest rate than a mortgage. After all, if every rope breaks and the credit goes down, the bank gets the real estate. Here, however, the bank can do no more than send a collector and put us on the KHR list. But this is not for anyone’s purpose.

What can we spend the money on?

The personal payday loan was no any restriction, as to what they expend the money. That’s why many people like it. Among the most popular uses are the purchase of technical and household equipment and holidays. As well as the aforementioned car purchase. Therefore, be extra careful that when you take out such a loan, you should not waste money on unnecessary things.

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