Reasons to take out a home loan now

Nowadays, getting one’s own home does not go from moment to moment, we ourselves experience it. It takes some conscious preparation and a good couple of years to have the necessary self-sufficiency and a solid financial background in a 20-30 year financial commitment.

However, in this respect, it is also good to be a little flexible, as there are times when we can get better credit. Such is the current period.

Because interest rates are record low

We are all aware that loans to the bank are financially profitable financial products. The profit of the bank is the interest, which consists of two parts. First of all, there is the reference rate, which applies to all banks in the same way, to which is added the interest margin that the banks set.

As the central bank base rate has been low for two years (0.9%), the total interest rate on our loan is also low. Look at the low interest rates with the loan calculator !

As they say, every miracle lasts three days. Although, as we have described above, these favorable terms for loans have been slow for 2 years. However, it looks very much like this favorable opportunity will not last long, and not necessarily for a possible rise in interest rates.

In fact, the central bank plans to withdraw much less from these low-interest loans (which typically have a short interest period) than other market loans. The reason for this is that a potential interest rate hike could cause a tremendous jump in installment payments, which could result in loans being overdue.

Consumer-friendly loans

We have previously written a lot about the benefits of a Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan and the value of taking out such a loan. Among its many benefits, it is worth pointing out that administration is much faster. In addition, the long interest period, low interest rates, and the possibility of a favorable early repayment all tell us that we need such a loan.

High state support

Currently, the state is trying its best to allow families to move into their own real estate. Home savings, Family Home Discount , the aforementioned consumer-friendly loan are all a huge help to us, as they can cost well over 10 million forints. These are a pity to miss

You can read more about how state subsidies for our housing goals look in detail here.

It’s easier to find the best loan

Previously, it was quite difficult to find the one that was best for us out of the many bank loan schemes. There were times when we walked from bank to bank, collected offers, and had to put numbers together. Fortunately, those days are over.

In fact, with the help of the internet, you can not only calculate with the loan calculator which loan is the cheapest for us, but also find many other important features that may be important to us. In addition, of course, we can apply after a calculation to help us understand the rankings we have received, as we have repeatedly stated that the loan that currently has the lowest monthly installment will not be ideal for us.

Here are the five important things that prompt us to schedule the acquisition of a new property by now. Of course, don’t hurry, as it can cost up to several million forints in the long run. And we want this money to remain in your pocket. Therefore, contact us! You will see how useful it will be for you if we help you to borrow.

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