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Screening factory owners convicted of illegal trade in mineral minerals: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Shiv Kumar Sharma

Yamounanagar, October 20

The owners of a screening plant allegedly dismantled their unit about a year ago, but engaged in the sale and purchase of minerals, allegedly carrying out huge illegal extractions of rocks, gravel and sand during this period.


The screening plant was dismantled a year ago. The Department of Mines and Geology discovered that the purchase of the minerals had been done using fake transit passes/e-rawanas.

The owners of the said screening plant indicated the purchase of 1,68,830 MT of minerals in their file.

However, when authorities from the Yamunanagar Mines and Geology Department checked the records of the screening plant carrying out a surprise inspection of the site, they discovered that the purchase of the minerals had been done through fake lets. pass transit/e-rawanas.

The Department of Mines team had carried out the surprise inspection of the screening plant, located in Belgarh village of Yamunanagar district on 11 October.

When the team visited the factory, they learned that it had been dismantled about a year ago.

The team reviewed the record of the sale and purchase of minerals by the said plant on the state government’s e-Rawana portal.

The team found that the sale and purchase was carried out by the factory owners until June 17.

“A careful perusal of the purchase record from May 10 to June 17 reflected a huge purchase of minerals – boulders, gravel and sand – particularly from Mubarik Pur Royalty Company, PS Buildtech and Ranjitpur BGP Unit” , said Rajesh Sangwan, Assistant Mining Engineer, Yamounanagar.

He said the plant’s record showed that up to 1,68,830 tons of minerals were purchased during this period and that 4,590 vehicles were used to transport the said amount of minerals.

He added that similarly, the sale of the said ore was also conducted until June 17.

“When we checked from our office file, the transit passes/e-rawanas presented by the owners of the screening plant for the purchase of minerals, do not exist anywhere on the government portal . This means that the ore shown as purchased by the mill owners is from fake e-rawanas,” said Rajesh Sangwan, Assistant Mining Engineer.

He said this was indicative of large-scale illegal mining of rocks, gravel and sand by the owners of said plant.

On the complaint of Aman, Inspector of Mines, stationed at Yamunanagar Department of Mines, a case was filed against the owners of the screening plant for counterfeiting and illegal trading of minerals by purchasing them through fake e-rawanas at Pratap Nagar police station recently.

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