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Sino Minerals Investments Limited boosts health and education by 72.8 million |

By Moses Agaba


Sino Minerals Investments, an iron ore mining company in Buhara Sub-County, Kabale District, donated an assortment of health items to Buhara III Health Center and renovated a primary school to improve health and education standards in the region.

Assorted items worth Ugx 41 million include; 10 mattresses, 10 blankets, 10 pairs of sheets, 1 differential meter, 1 stretcher, 1 wheelchair, 1 electric refrigerator, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) support tubes, 1 oxygen device, 2 blood pressure measuring devices blood pressure (BP), 3 stethoscopes, 2 pulse oximeters and 1 suction device.

The company has also handed over two blocks of classrooms at Kijojo Primary School after carrying out renovations worth Ugx 31.8 million.

Brian Munanura, the company’s acting director in Kabale district, said the purpose of the donation is to fulfill the company’s social responsibility of giving back to the community by recognizing the importance of such health facility to save people’s lives in the area. .

He also says the purpose of renovating a block of two classrooms is to attract learners so that they also get an academic investment to help them succeed in the future.

Munanura says that the company, as part of its corporate social responsibility, also supports two university students from Kabale University in Buhara sub-county and also gives seniors over 70 Ugx 10,000.

Buhara Sub-county LCIII Chairman Joseph Baryamujura, Moreen Kirungi Buhara Health center III Manager and Reverend Aggrey Niwagaba, School Management Committee Chairman of Kijojo Primary School hailed Sino Minerals Investments for its generous spirit of give back to the community.

They also praise the company for employing locals, which has allowed them to survive economically.

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