Why is credit pre-qualification good?

We have mentioned in many of our articles that there is certainly one of our favorite banking services that is not used by many yet. But in truth, we just mentioned it everywhere, we wrote a little about it. We thought it was time for an article that was all about this great opportunity. If you read this article, you will surely live with it.

What’s the problem with loans?

Well, if we want to be honest (which we always want), there are many places where a borrowing can slip. It could be a time lapse or a slip into a financially unfavorable loan, or even a lack of credit.

In most cases, however, the level of income, any listing on the KHR, or the creditworthiness of the property may be an obstacle. How can we avoid these problems as soon as possible? The answer is simple: credit pre-rating.

Details, or what is this pre-qualification?

Almost every bank has such a service. Its role is to make the loan disbursed as quickly and safely as possible. Because, as we know, banks also aim to lend money (in exchange for interest) and not to “park” it.

In practice, it looks like we’re walking into a bank and pretending to buy a property specifically. Of course, let’s just say it’s a pre-qualification! ? In this case, the bank will request all forms for us and our income and examine it.

As a result, we will know exactly how much monthly installments we can take, and thus exactly how much we can borrow. If we lay our hands on our hearts, we know that this is a tremendous help.

From now on, we will only look at properties that we know we can buy and will not run unnecessarily.

An additional good point is that banks keep this information for up to 6 months , so when the actual borrowing takes place, you do not need to collect this data or paper again. This will make borrowing not only safer but also much faster, since the bank only needs to examine the property.

Is this a useful service for you, right?

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